Mother Nature’s not very Happy

  The beginning of the week in class started off with a film called the 11th hour. It broke down and describe all of the natural disasters and other disasters that were going on in the world at that time and are still happening today.The reading that was read was the “Collapse of Easter Island.” In this text it talked about a group of people that brought themselves to their own death and extension due to lack of conserving resources.After the reading I believe that I have a more understanding about the issues that are going on today. I feel like it brought a sense of sensitivity when using the resources that are being used every day. I never realized before watching the film and reading the text that so many resources are actually getting wasted every day by being overused and not using what was provided. It brought more awareness to how I conduct certain aspects of my life as well whether that be recycling or just as simple as throwing away food that wasn’t eaten. 

        During the class I feel as if I contributed just another point of view that can be taken and used and thought about whenever choices are being made on what resources are necessary in what things need to be done as far as taking care of our world. I just provided another person that can be used to fix the world or not necessarily fix but help.  The video and that text made me realize that the world needs to come together in unity and really sit and look around and just talk and understand the things that we are doing. While some things may be good in one person’s eyes it may not be what is best for the economy as a whole. There are plenty of people in this world that have different solutions and have different mindsets that can help us have sustainability on this earth without damaging nature. Before gaining this knowledge I feel as if I was blindsided by everything that was going on. This makes me understand a lot better as to why there are so many natural disasters or disasters that are going on within the community as far as food or just little things that are happening to the land, such as crop failure on farms that shouldn’t happen. This makes me want to conserve a lot more resources than what I use and definitely look into different options and just really research backgrounds of certain materials that can be replaceable with something else so I’m not using the same Resource constantly. 

        This really should be an eye opener that it’s time for a change. There’s going to come a time where we’re not going to have any resources left, not if we continue at the rate that we’re going. I am more confident to say that the statistics in the movie are way higher in present day just because there are or have been no changes to better the economy, we’re still having more issues and going through a cycle of the same issues. Nature is just not something that we see, it’s a way of life it has its own cycle and we’re playing around with something that is so forceful, it could bring the entire human race to extinction if we don’t start caring or giving it the respect and gratitude that it deserves for keeping us alive.

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