Have you ever thought what planet earth would be like if there were no humans on it? Or, how more beautiful the earth would be without humans? How, all of the animals on earth would roam freely, and every life system would be on good terms. How, the amazon rain forest wouldn’t be burning down as we speak. Humans have such a negative impact on planet earth that it will soon start affecting our daily lives in many ways.

One of our biggest problems that will affect our daily lives and some that currently is, is global warming. Global warming has caused an increase of flooding, heat droughts, tornadoes, wild fires, hurricanes, and the list goes on. It is also causing patterns of rain and river flow to change. Global warming is caused by a burning of fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are being burnt it is adding extra greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which causes wicked problems for us. One of the biggest wicked problem is global temperatures rising. Global temperatures rising will cause, and some already have caused loss of sea ice, sea levels rising, and many other factors which could cause the artic to melt. If the artic melts it will be tragic. Animal life there could be extinct because they cannot live in a warmer environment. This could cause the government to enforce the burning of fossil fuels to stop or reduce. Which could also make a huge impact on our daily lives by not being able to have transportation. However, if the government did not do something about global warming we could end up like the people on Easter Island.

This week I have learned so much about how our earth is in danger. I have not just learned about global warming, but also about population, deforestation, the extreme use of our fossil fuels, and many more. These things are very important as well, but I feel global warming is causing these other problems we have. In the 11th hour movie that we watched in class, a woman talked about as humans we are more worried about our culture, more than our environment. I feel that couldn’t be more true. We don’t stop and think every day how we are harming the environment. Instead we are more worried about making money, the economy, everyday problems. What I am most concerned about is that the government knows that this will start to affect our daily lives eventually, and they are not doing much about it. Instead they are worried more about making the economy better, and making more money off of our fossil fuels which are limited anyway. When in reality, if our environment is harmed enough none of those things will matter and it may be too late before they do something about it. In the 11th hour they talked about how the earth works twice as hard to recover from what we have done to it. In my opinion, the roles need to reverse real soon or we will have many more problems to face.

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