How much time is left?

Since reading The Collapse of Easter Island and watchingThe 11thHour movie, I have had to chance to gather more thoughts on the issues that have been around on earth for as long as humans can remember. Climate change is not only affecting us, but it is also affecting all the animals that are here on earth with us as well. It is getting difficult to gather resources and is only going downhill from there. We are repeating the issues that caused the Easter Island to collapse, so how much time is left until we completely destroy our Island? 

During last week’s discussion I contributed my point of view on the economy and compared a little on that topic over what we have now and what we had back then. Decades ago, money was not as big of a deal as it is today. People would grow their food in a community and share. Sure, people traded food items for other goods, but living was not difficult like it is now. Food is being produced in mass amounts, but there are shortages sometimes on fruits and vegetables and prices begin to increase as the food decreases. There is also a ton of food just going to the trash due to it ‘going bad.’ Shortages are not just an issue on crops, this is also an issue with our meat and poultry. These shortages on food will only become more common and will soon question our sources of food. We have taken advantage of our resources which has only made conditions worsen. We will soon get to the point where we have no place to turn for our food. We will turn on each other and have a history similar to Easter Island.

The topic from last week has made me realize that we need to all come together and save our planet. There are people who do nothing but believe that climate change is not a real thing. Sooner or later they will realize that their negligence has caused a lot of harm to Earth. Everything that was discussed in the movie we watched was from 12 years ago and statistics now are far more higher. We can no longer put these issues to the side. There are more droughts occurring, hurricanes, flooding, and heat that has reached records causing cold areas to slowly melt down. Dry areas are being created from tree removal causing forests to die down. 

Last week’s topic made me think deeper on these issues. I have been reading more on climate change through social media and the blogs posted in this class from past semesters. It’s sad that we have ruined our home by wanting more and more of what we have already. We are greedy and can’t overlook these issues. Our own race can vanish if we do not act quick and fix what we have caused. It is our only way to live life, so we need to act on these issues.

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