Save the Trees, Go Green

Sustainability is something the world and humankind are longing for. Maintaining the earth and everything that goes along with the earth, is simply essential if we as a species want our future generations to survive and live in a healthy environment. Sustainability is the act of maintaining or keeping something at a certain level. Us humans have been having this problem for quite some time and as important as it is, many people are simply unaware. It is essential to educate the uneducated about this problem that we are currently facing. There are many problems that are in desperate need of sustainability and just overall leveling out to better earth, the place we call home.
While we are dealing with many problems, why is no one doing anything serious about it? Are they just unaware? Do they not care? Whatever the circumstance is, people need to replace everything that is natural and helps us on this earth. For example, deforestation. Trees help us as a species in so many ways. That is why they are on this earth in the first place. When someone takes away a tree they should replace it by planting another one. This is simply common sense. This concept is already in many peoples mind but why not with trees? This concept I have stressed to my fellow classmates and tried to explain the importance of replacing trees and expanding by planting new ones. If enough people could get their head around how essential this is for the earth, it might bring an end for deforestation or at least help this problem decline.
My major takeaways from this problem are that it is essential to decrease flooding, loss of habitat and causing the soil to be dry. Many other effects come along with deforestation but these are just a few of my takeaways. Flooding is a big issue throughout the world and a common problem. Flooding is deadly and with breaking down trees to create industries, open land or even houses, means flooding is most likely going to occur with enough rain. Trees help with the water cycle and without them, flooding is possible in certain conditions. Dry soil would also hurt us tremendously in this world as a whole. Dry soil means not being able to grow crops. Simple as that. With this dry soil means farmers are forced to move along and find different growing land. The soil that is left behind is much more likely to flood which then creates another problem. Loss of habitat is also a common problem that comes along with deforestation. Losing animals significantly hurt us as they are essential for us to live. Cutting down trees means also leaving some certain animals to become out of a habitat therefore not being able to live properly.
All in all, deforestation is a big problem and it is important for us that are aware to educate those around us. Sustainability is essential for not only us living currently on the earth but for future generations as well.

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