The Early World Catches the Worm

Earth is our home, yet we still take it for granted. The past week we have been taking an in depth look into the wicked problems that our home is facing. Deforestation, air and water pollution, over population, and climate change to name a few. We have watched the 2007 documentary film “The 11th Hour” and we have been reading an excerpt on the collapse of Easter Island. I was able to take away something from last weeks topic that I have never been able to take away from this specific topic before. While watching the film, I came to the realization that we can fix these wicked problems. In the movie it discusses some of the current barriers to a sustainable future one of which is our lack of respondence due to our egotistical ways as human beings. Humans are at the top of it all. Or so we think. But when you put it all into perspective, we as humans are one with nature but we have a problem admitting that. We believe that the earth needs us to survive. How crazy must we be to think that what was here before couldn’t live without us? In the reality of it all, we need nature. We cant even breathe without the darn trees. And how do we thank them? We cut them down without any system. We just take as we need and don’t give it back. In a sense we are killing ourselves and still act as if its because nature cant keep up with itself. Therefore, we need to act now. Not tomorrow, not in a year, not in 987,573 years, now! Have you ever heard the saying “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”? Well, The Early World Gets the Worm. In this case we are the world and life is our worm. We have to act now before it’s too late. In class we discussed the Easter Island collapse and one of the questions was “Do you think the islanders could have prevented their collapse?” I chose the side that said yes, it could have been prevented. I argued the fact that these people could have implemented a system which allowed them to sustain their natural goods. They could have planted more trees than they cut down. They could have focused on their will to live rather than the building of those statues all at once. They could have maintained their farms in a more reasonable manner. But I believe that we have a lot to learn from them. We also chose wether we believed if the problems they faced were new problems or old problems and I decided that these problems are old problems that we still face today. Sure, we face even more problems or maybe you could say the problems we face are the same but worse. Thats just the thing, they are the same. We didn’t learn but we still can. We need to or we will collapse in the exact same way but this time on a much larger scale. If we don’t want to experience that we must be quick. Quick as in we need to act right now. After all, we need the worm. The worm is almost gone because we are about to be too late.

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