There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

I went into Wicked Problems not really knowing much about the class. I came in knowing it was about sustainability but that was about the extent of it. Just even hearing the term intrigued me and I was excited to see what the class is all about. After watching the move The 11th Hour as well as reading The Collapse of Easter Island, I feel like I got a better understanding of the wicked problems going on in this world and how these things are not just recently happening. 

  Since I am a junior in the interior design program and have taken a few sustainability classes and learned about some of these things, I think that helped me contribute to the class with my questions and discussions. When we started the discussion of our opinions on Easter Island I was not really sure how I felt about the game, but once we started I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear everyone’s opinion whether they agreed or not. It helps you hear everyone’s perspective and not just your own. I also feel like I contributed by being active in the discussions we had on the first day by throwing out a few answers and opinions.

I am surprised I have never heard of the film The 11thHour. Watching it along with the PowerPoints in class gave me a better understanding of what wicked problems in the world actually are and what makes them wicked. I learned that wicked problems are not something that can be instantly fixed or even fixed in a short amount of time.Conditions change over time, and solutions must be continually adapted to meet new conditions. As a result, there is no obvious end point at which we should cease trying to solve the problem. Nature has been turned into a resource and we as humans are not thinking about the repercussions of that. Some of the key issues that we are facing from not treating the planet the way we should are food security, catastrophic weather, ocean crisis, and putting waste in to areas of poverty. I feel as though many people are ignoring that fact that there is a problem because many people care more about money and themselves. The situation is similar in The Collapse of Easter Island because the islanders cared more about making the statues and getting them on top of the ahu to show who is the most powerful rather than figuring out ways to sustain themselves for the future. It is similar to now because the people in power, such as politicians and large industries, aren’t thinking about a sustainable future they are only focused on what brings them the most money. But it is not only these businesses, it is also the consumers as well. The more people consume and not think about what they are buying and how it impacts the earth is a major contribution to the wicked problems happening. Overall I am excited to learn more about wicked problems and maybe what we can do to help. 

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