Time to make a change

If I told you we had one day left to fix this world what would you do with it? I would like to think I would go try to preserve as much of the Earth as I could but we all know one person could not save much. Being a sophomore in the interior design program this is my first sustainability course and it has already intrigued me so much. Starting off this class, I did not know what the word “wicked problems” meant. I did not know that it was going to be about not only the problems going on in our industries but also the problems going on all around us in this world that we live in. We only get one Earth and I do not think most people comprehend that and notice that what we do in our everyday lives has an affect somehow on it.

 On the first day of class watching the 11th hour movie made me feel so inspired and that I wanted to do something to help. Obviously over time our world is degrading but what we have done in the past decade is ruining it more than any one of us could have imagined. One major problem in this world that has opened my eyes is how we are ruining our oceans. People liter everyday not knowing where it is going or what it is ruining. Not only are we trashing our oceans but the animals that are living it in as well. I believe that not everyone’s eyes are opened up to how quickly the ocean is diminishing. I believe in schools that they should have a program where students have to volunteer to do something to help save our planet because if you have thousands of students helping it could make a difference. Climate change is also a huge problem that is affecting not only the planet but us and all the animals around us. We are taking out the majority of our resources and taking them way faster than expected. Soon enough we will run out of fossil fuels and major resources we have depended on for decades. We need to find a solution to this problem and quickly or the Earth will run out before we do.

            Reading Easter Island this past week also made me open my eyes on how similar our world is to it. At first, I couldn’t believe how fast the Island diminished and used all the resources they had then I realized that the reading was portraying into our future. The citizens on Easter Island put their statues and authority over trying to save the Island they were living on which is exactly what is happening to us. Majority of the people on Earth are more worried about the things the own, their wealth and their looks over saving the planet, which I am sure all of us can attest to doing that. If we do not find solutions quickly we will turn into Easter Island where at the end we are hurrying around trying to find resources and a way to save the Earth.

Being in Wicked Problems for only two classes has already intrigued me majorly. I want to learn more in depth on what not only myself but our planet as a whole can do to help. I cannot wait to learn more in these next six weeks on what the word Wicked problems really means and what we can do to help them.

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