Mindfulness is healing!

I had no clue about mindfulness! I have meditated but I was not doing this properly? I have lived a very stressful and organized life. Running and running like my head is cut off. Most days I think I am just surviving to raise my three children and make sure my children have a plate on the table, roof over their head and comfortable place to lay down and rest themselves. Now we are learning about sustainability and consumerism? Now my mind is thinking of ways and how I can change and contribute to my society. My community! I will start by having peace and contentment in my life, heal, then go green, and become self-sustained! Now taking a time out from my fast paced world. I can focus on me? When I can focus on me and my well being then I can focus on the world. Relax, chill, heal, and live a better clean life. I want to contribute to maintain the planet by having solar panels and my own garden. When I think of mindfulness I think of my children future. I want them and their children to have a stress free productive life. Break the cycle of stress that we have in today society. At least try to lead them to a healthier better stress free life!

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