Have you ever thought to yourself, where might all the furniture in my house come from? Or, how might have it got to that store where I bought it at? There are so many other things that are globalized than just furniture. The majority of merchandise in the United States is globalized but is that a bad thing?

 Last week, I was assigned a reading that was agreeing with globalization. The reading talked about how, globalization keeps the economy going, and globally keeps everyone happy. I believe that, globalization is a good thing. If we didn’t have it, things here in the United States would be so expensive because goods, merchandise etc. would be limited. The reading also talked about how, many people do not like globalization because of the effects it has to the environment. One of the effects is pollution concentrations. While it does have an effect on the environment, technology is being improved and is taking concentrations down to 1.25-1.5 percent. This improved technology is bought by wealthy individuals who decide to put their money into the environment instead of materialistic things for themselves. Another point that was made in the reading was that stricter rules are being enforced while trading items. So this will also help the environment.

What I took away from last week’s class was that I need to realize where all of the items I own come from. I feel that I need to pay more attention to things because I often take them for granted. I knew about globalization but, I never knew that it does harm the environment. They may not be able to replace everything bad that they have done to the environment but at least the new technology that they have created continues to improve and is making positive results for the environment. What I also took away from last week is the thought of, what if we didn’t have globalization? Would I be able to afford to eat? Our daily lives would change drastically if we didn’t have globalization.

Along with the topic of globalization, we also were assigned to meditate every day. Mindfulness meditation is actually very relaxing to me. I struggle with anxiety, and stress all the time and just to have a moment in silence does a lot for my soul. It makes me feel happier, and more appreciative of everything that I am blessed with. Along with mindfulness meditation I have also started praying about my worries, and concerns to God. This assignment has created a good habit to have every day in my life. Meditation can also impact the environment. If everyone in the world meditated everyday they would have clear minds. This could cause people to make sustainable, good choices to the environment. Without meditation people often have a wandering mind which cause them to be very unhappy. Sometimes it is hard to control my thoughts because I often have a wandering mind like many other people. Meditation could be the cure to my own well-being.

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