Sustainabilty Should Become a Social Norm

What would you think if I told you that human caused discharge of carbon dioxide must lower 45% from the levels in 2010 by the year 2030 and get as far as net-zero sometime near 2050 to restrict the climate change crisis. I never really thought about sustainability besides recycling and what I would see on  social media. But now that I have been in this class for over two weeks almost three, I know see and understand more of what sustainability is. I know understand the major effects that climate change, deforestation, and population growth. To me a wicked problem is cultural or social issue that is nearly impossible to fix. The difference between a tame problem and a wicked problem is that a tame problem can be fixed by the correct algorithm. While a wicked problem does not have a correct algorithm to fix the problems.  

The six characteristics vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions having no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent. Vague problem definitions is difficult to find the exact pinpoint of what the problem is. Variable solutions it is hard to identify one definite solutions to the problem. Solutions have no end point is that it is difficult to figure out the end of a problem is never in sight. Solutions pose irreversible effects is where a wicked problem is considered irreversible. Solutions require unique approaches is when a wicked problem is unique  because the same solution to the problem won’t work correctly because of the places it is in or the people its around. Lastly urgent is when a wicked problem is failed to be acted upon will cause permanent harm.

In the 11th Hour movie it really showed me how much humans do have an effect on the earth. It really opened up my eyes to how many bad things are actually going on in the world. An example is how much population growth is really happening. It said in the movie that at the time there was double the amount of people when John Kennedy was inaugurated. That’s insane to have doubled the entire population in that short amount of time. Also another very serious outcome of our human actions is global warming caused by the rising levels of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Those also affect drought and deforestation, and it also causes large amounts of CO2 to get stuck on the ocean floor.

My carbon footprint is 17.43 tons/CO2 per year, which requires 249 trees per year. Which in 2013 the average was around 21.5 tons/CO2 per year. That’s a 7% increase in 25 years. My carbon footprint by household is 76 trees compared to the U.S. average of 243 trees. My  transportation and travel is equal to the U.S. average being 72 trees for transportation and 43 trees for travel. All in all these first few weeks in class has already had a major effect on how sustainable I should be. As an example I want to be better with recycling, not drive my car everywhere, and use less paper. I think by the end of the class I will be a more sustainable person and help influence the people around me to be more sustainable.

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