The changing of my thoughts

After this week, part of my perspective on life has changed quite significantly. I never thought a class in college would turn my thoughts around, but here I am. I usually go to class, sit there and daydream and then leave. But this week in DHM, my mind has been put elsewhere. As soon as Dr. Armstrong brought up meditation my mind was interested. Meditation has been something I have always been interested in, but never pursued. On Tuesday, when we meditated for the first time, it really cleared my brain and helped my focus throughout the day. Proceeding on into class, when we started talking about meditation and going through the articles about it, it really drew me in. I was in a better mood, my focus was in the right place and I was positive for the first time in a while. The second day, I came into class in a horrid mood. We meditated twice this day and the first time, I was not feeling it. I had woken up late to my roommates yelling and I was ready to get out of there. After sitting there post-first meditation, I was slowly starting to feel better. When we went into our second meditation, I was back in the good mindset I was in from that first day. I have taken away so many new skills from this past week and have also learned it to help with my anxiety. I now meditate when I get anxious, which is a tool Dr. Armstrong has taught me. After reading the articles, I have learned that just taking a break and going over my thoughts will reduce my constant stress, severe anxiety, and decreases my depression. I am so appreciative for this past week in DHM. It has relaxed me, and opened my mind. On Thursday, we went over in discussion our opinions on technology and if it helps nature and poverty or makes it worse. I was on the no side of things and our article went over how they think technology is a benefit to nature and the best solution to poverty is to stop population. I agreed and disagreed at the same time. I agreed that sometimes technology can be beneficial to nature in certain situations but I also think it can bring the nature of life down. My point of view on poverty is: sadly there will always be poverty and I don’t think trying to control population will end poverty. Digging deep into this article really helped my brain think deeply about situations like these and how they affect life. It was a great mind opener for everyone and for people like me who take things like this for granted. My mind has thoroughly been thought through in every empty space and crevice. I am more aware and wiser. My anxiety is calm and my stress is thinned. This week has taught me the most about myself so far in college. I am excited for what’s to come.

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