There Is No Planet B.

Sustainability to me has always meant changing some of your everyday practices and habits to something more eco-friendly. This could mean to stop using plastic bags, or switching to a water bottle instead of using plastic ones, or even minimizing what toxic materials we throw “away” everyday. All of these seem correct, and they are. However, recognizing sustainability practices and seeing the real importance of your actions is what makes one think more sustainably. To me, this idea of sustainability has really shifted and caused me to see that my carbon footprint may not seem like a big deal, but when I consider how there are billions of  carbon footprints that are similar to mine, this starts to seem like a drastic issue. These issues are what transform into wicked problems. A wicked problem in my eyes is an issue that so far has not been solved. Solutions may have been formed, but the wicked problem always finds a loophole. There are many problems in this world that could be deemed wicked. Whether it be climate change, deforestation, or even ocean pollution. Wicked problems can seem very daunting and unsolvable when you stop and think about them. It is learning how to tackle these issues one step at a time, one person at a time, that will affect the way these problems are solved. As our population grows, so do our issues. I think what often troubles people (including me) is the idea that “If I adopt more sustainable practices, that won’t do anything because I am just one person.” Then nothing will get done. Just think if everybody on this earth thought that exact same way, we would be absolutely doomed. One person is all it takes to start a movement. It comes with recognizing that as a generation, as a world right now, we are in trouble. Admit it. It can be hard to realize this, but that is the first step to fixing the problem. The Easter island activity intrigued me because it is a lesson to all human kind that if we make those same mistakes, we will have the same terrible fate. Except probably intensified at least 10x considering the vast population and area of our earth. The tribes there did not have many resources available to begin with, so that definitely did not help. But it was at the rate that they used these resources which dwindled them greatly. Supply and demand for the materials on our earth is comparable to the issue the tribes on Easter island faced. We are using our natural resources quicker than we can replenish them. Too many humans are selfish and refuse to believe that we are living as one with nature. The 11th hour video actually made me feel very depressed after watching it. Only because of the truth behind it. Realizing that every action we take effects our earth. Why is it that the Kardashians are getting more news coverage than our burning Amazon rainforest? One of the largest ecosystems in the world! Our many and various types of creatures are going extinct due to human expansion and the destruction of their ecosystems. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is killing the human race. We are basically becoming ants under a magnifying glass on a hot day. All of these problems exist and are becoming more real every single day. One thing that has really stuck with me is the quote that discussed that there is no such thing as throwing something away. Away is just another word for temporarily gone. Nothing is every gone on this earth, it will just find a new place to go. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the saying that has begun the destruction of our planet.  One thing that comes to mind to me is the movie Wall-e. It was one of my favorites growing up, but just because I thought it was cute. Well, now that I am older I can see the movie was a warning. A hypothetical situation which may or may not happen. In the movie, humans destroyed our planet and its ecosystems with the mountains and mountains of trash occupying it. The issue was sought to being resolved, but in the time being, all of human kind was sent on a spaceship to roam space aimlessly until the solution was found. If one single plant could be found on earth, they could return. This is not just a cute Pixar movie, it is real life and it is becoming more and more real every single day. As this issue has become increasingly important to me over the past year, I am becoming more mindful of the practices and routines I am in and the ways in which I could improve upon. For now, I will promote my bamboo straw, I will take better care of what I am throwing away, and I will pray to God that one day the people of earth can come together and recognize this problem is much bigger than ourselves.

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