In the name of sustainability

Have you noticed lately that everywhere you go, look, and even hear people are raving about using non-plastic straws?! Crazy right! Not even a year ago were people so excited to be switching over to more eco-friendly straws or forms of drinking their beverages. Starbucks even came out with their “nitro” lids in order to promote using less plastic straws. But why are people only focused on reducing the use of plastic straws and not plastic all together? Think about this; everytime you ask your starbucks barista for a nitro lid it’s so you can cut back on the use of straws. Yet you may not realize you’re still ordering a plastic lid with the design of a sippy cup lid which uses more plastic then the traditional lids. Are the straws really the only plastic item that’s causing so much harm? Over the past week I’ve learned that sustainability is more than just recycling and using non-plastic straws. It’s about being more mindful in our everyday lives. Not just when ordering a coffee but in every part of our everyday lives. I learned that there are serious problems connected with population growth and that not only is 20% of our ecosystem burning down but what is left over will turn into deserts. These issues are way more serious then the world would have you believe. Why is the future of our ecosystem only important to talk about when it’s trending because of a celebrities movement? When will we become more mindful and sustainable of our home? I’ve come to notice that although I do create a rather large carbon footprint in the travels I make each year; every other part of my lifestyle is rather sustainable. I hope that in the future they create a more sustainable and efficient way to travel across seas.

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