Lets Solve Some Problems!

In the first couple of weeks of class I have learned all about different techniques to creatively problem solve. To me, creativity means thinking outside of the normal way of thinking and being able to think of new things. Innovation means coming up with a new idea or product that can better help us in our lives. The Design Thinking movie show cased both of these qualities by sharing many people’s stories about how they used these skills to further their businesses. Each person’s business was unique and inventive with completely variety products and services; however they all used design thinking to make their businesses stand out from the rest.

Throughout the class so far we have talked about different ways to creative problem solve. One thing we watched was a Ted Talk where a farmer’s life stock was being hunted by lions. He was able to figure out that the lions didn’t like flashing lights, so he created a light machine to flash lights randomly at night to scare off the lions. He was able to create a solution to his problem that didn’t have a simple solution to it.

Our learning community decided to focus on the topic of fur specifically used in apparel textiles. It is unethical how these animals are treated before they are killed. The faux fur that they use instead of real fur is not good for the environment, so our group wants to come up with a synthetic fur that is also sustainable to the planet. I drew a picture to show the cycle of the fur industry when they get fur from an animal.

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