Sustainability is Superior

Recently in class, I’ve come to realize how important sustainability is and how it can greatly impact our future for better or worse. It has really changed my perspective on the way I look at things and the choices that I make. I’ve already learned so many different things about sustainability and the more complex situation it actually is.

Sustainability is what is known as a wicked problem. A wicked problem is an issue that does not have one definite solution to it to be absolved. When we think about other problems, most likely they are what we call “tame” problems. For example, a tame problem would be being sick, the solution would be to go to the doctor. It’s far more difficult to solve the problem of sustainability with just one solution. There are many different and complex ways to solve each wicked problem. Sustainability is complicated problem because there are many factors in striving to become sustainable.

What is sustainability? Sustainability is being mindful of our planet and what we take and put back into it. I think that being mindful of what you do and how it can effect the planet can be a big step in becoming more sustainable. Recently, i’ve been ordering a lot of things on Amazon Prime because it’s so easy to order anything straight to your home with fast shipping. I mean who doesn’t love 2 day shipping? I’ve come to realize that this fast shipping is detrimental to the atmosphere because of all the extra pollutants being contributed to the air by the trucks delivering packages. Being mindful of our actions and thinking of alternatives that are more sustainable can make a big difference.

The 11th hour documentary talked a little about air pollution and how it is effecting our environment. the biggest impact it is having on our planet is changing the natural climate. The greenhouse gases, that are released from things such as cars, get trapped in the atmosphere, thus heating up the planet. This can have a major effect on our food production, water supply, and cause soil erosion. It can take many steps to solve a wicked problem, such as sustainability, but the end result will be worth all the hard work.

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