Sustainability Radar

The world could be doomed under our watch.

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The definition of sustainability that is stated gives us an inside look of how entrepreneurs try to develop a design that is sustainable for the environment. It makes you think about your daily actions and how it could affect the generations to come. It also makes me second guess the choices I take and the decisions I make when it comes to my carbon footprint and the steps I take to having an eco-friendly lifestyle. I have realized that making sustainable decisions can help in not only my life, but also finding the root causes of wicked problems and eventually solving those problems. I feel as though wicked problems are more difficult to solve than tame problems solely because of the reason being that wicked problems do not have a specific solution, you have to dig deep to look at the causes and sub-causes, and find ways to make the wicked problem less of a wicked problem instead of trying to find one specific solution. We have to start looking at not only the “tip of the iceberg” but also what is underneath the surface of the problem. For example the patterns, structures, and paradigms that surround the problem.

Coming into this class, my thought process began to take so many things into consideration. For example the way I lived my life and how I live could potentially affect the way the future generations have to live their life because of the careless decisions I choose to make in my everyday life. Thinking on that note I feel that if the earth was full, I would be more aware and self conscious about what I decided to do with my life. I would be more careful and force myself to become sustainable. I also feel like after being in this class it as opened up my eyes to want to live a more sustainable life not only for me, but also the future lives that live ahead of me. After reading Easter Island it made me realize that even though it had limited resources and was hard to live off, the choices I and the people around me make could eventually turn our planet into something very similar to Eastern Island. It shows where our future could be headed if we do not change our ways. The 11th hour also relates to this in a way that it shows specific examples on what will happen to our planet, our society, and nature if we continue to live the lifestyles we do. Deforestation, climate change, and world hunger is at an all time high and after participating in this class, and becoming more aware of these things has pushed me in my sustainable journey in a way I have yet to see. I have come to see things in a new light that inspire me to want to be better, and want to live a life that is more beneficial to the environment. 

Therefore, almost being halfway done with this course, I have learned so many new things. It has pushed me and revealed to me the wicked problems in the world, and how they are not as easy to solve as your stereotypical problem. It has shown me to look at the bottom of the iceberg should you say, to take a deeper look into the wicked problems to break them down and go at them pieces at a time. Finally it has given me the opportunity to reflect on my life and realize how much of a negative impact I sometimes make on it. It has allowed me to open up outside of myself, to want to make others more aware of the impact they are making on our planet and how together we can make a positive change in becoming more sustainable.

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