Wicked Pollution

If I told you that if we continued living the way that we do now that the world would be completely covered in plastic by 2025 what would you change? being an interior design student I have heard about the amount of wasting that we have but I did not realize the full extent of the carbon footprint that we are leaving. Walking into Wicked Problems I thought that sustainability was just recycling when you can and helping the earth out here and there. I didn’t realize how important is truly is especially after watching the 11th hour movie. I think that sustainability is being observant to the world and doing whatever is needed to protect it and stop the decay of the earth. Wicked problems is not only about the problems going on in our industry but the problems going on around us in society.

I wasn’t sure what exactly a wicked problem was, I thought maybe a wicked and crazy situation in the fashion or interior design industry but I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was. It is really a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because the circumstances of it are so completely “wicked” or bizarre that it’s difficult to find a solution. It has no solution and continues to generate further issues. We watched a movie called 11th hour the first day of class and I was left speechless by the amount of harm that we have caused to the earth because of the way that we have evolved as a society. For example, we are using plastic for everything: straws, silverware, plates, bottles etc. a majority of that waste is ending up in the oceans which in turn is ruining them. I had no idea how much we were completely trashing the oceanic part of the world.. think of how many animals are living in environments that aren’t acceptable. I think it would be beneficial for the media to accurately portray an actual informational series about the oceans and how we are ruining them. Also adding a curriculum to the school systems to help educate the world about what they are doing.

Earlier this week we read an excerpt called “Easter Island” and it really brought to my attention the similarities of this world compared to the story. The island used all their resources right off the bat and was completely diminished and I couldn’t help but compare it to our world. In the 11th hour movie they kept talking about how we are going against nature and hurting our future and I saw that being lived in Easter Island. People on the island were extremely occupied with their possessions and material things rather than the well being of their living situation. I am excited to continue to further educate myself in regards to sustainability and how to stop the decay of the earth so we don’t end up like Easter Island.

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