Becoming Aware

For this week’s topic we discussed the ideas of the fashion industry’s impact on over and under consumers. This is a concept I never really spent much time thinking about until now. I had major takeaways that I think are going to stick with me while becoming a contributing consumer. One take away is the concept of consuming too much. We as consumers buy what is on trend and don’t really think about the waste it will turn into whenever the next best thing comes along. Yes, we want to be fashionable and on trend, but it is important that we think about the longevity of the quality within the product. Another take away I had from this week’s topics was the idea that we need to pay more attention to the ongoing problem of poverty. I never would have thought that the way we consume could influence poverty, and that poverty could have such an effect on our environment. In conclusion I think my greatest takeaway from this week is to simply be more aware. Be more aware of my consuming and to be more aware of my environmental surrounding.

   Another focus of this weeks learning was to continue our meditation practice. My overall reflection of meditation is that I am really enjoying it. I have a tendency to let it slip my mind every once in a while, but when I do take the time out of my day to really focus on it I can tell that I am more focused, calm, and prepared for the day. I am very willing to start my day ten minutes earlier if it means I will have a sense of peace surrounding me for the rest of it. I feel at ease when I can let the jumble of worries in my mind vanish for just a little piece of time. I feel calm and able to take on the day. I am very excited to continue this journey in meditation, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into the rewarding results that come with it.

All in all, I think I contributed my understanding of this week’s topics to the learning community by making the decision to be more aware of what’s going on around me and using meditation to connect with those surroundings as well. I need to be more aware of poverty and consumers and the waste that I personally am adding to the environment. I think we as students contribute to the learning community by not only understanding the topics but using that knowledge to stand up and make a difference along with it. I also think that meditation in general can help me become a better student which will lead to me contributing greatly to the learning community. Meditation helps you focus and connect with emotions and surrounds which has ultimately helped me become more connected with my schoolwork and learning. Understanding and making an effort to be aware of this week’s topics have really helped me contribute to the learning community. I feel prepared to make a change that will lead to making a difference within the environment.

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