Choose yourself

Being mindful is one thing I have never really taken for account. I am always mindful of others and will always do anything anyone else needs but have never really been mindful for myself. I am the type of person who tries my hardest to “live in the moment” and enjoy every second of my life. But at times I get caught up and start worrying about the days ahead and get stressed with homework or how busy my week is going to be. I have never been into meditating or the reasons behind it. The day we had practiced in class was a particularly busy and stressful day for me. When we started listening to the calming music, I just thought that I would fall asleep and not focus on meditating. As the noises started going along they actually started calming me down and making me focus on just that day and to not worry about what I can’t control yet. I believe now that meditating is good for your person well-being because a lot of people get caught up in the future and being busy it is good to relax and focus on yourself during the day.

            In Marc Cohen’s Ted Talk one thing that stuck out to me is that medicine if focused on illness and fixing people rather than the happiness. This stuck out to me because most people focus on the negatives and what is wrong with them rather than the positives and being grateful for what you have. You are not fully happy if you and your environment and everything around you is not happy and well too. That is why fixing our world is a huge part because our world is not well therefore no one can be fully satisfied. The biggest killer is this world is not a sickness rather it is our lifestyle. It is the way we are treating our bodies, how we eat and what we do to ourselves. Many people think it is just things around them making them ill but it is what we are doing to ourselves. We need to start focusing on the world around us to eventually make us fully healthy.

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