Meditating? Who has time for that?!

Nowadays we live by this idea that the busier we keep ourselves the better our lives will be. That we have to always be hustling and making the most of the twenty-four hours we have in a day. For example, this semester alone I’m taking 18 hours of classes, working two part time jobs, am a member of a sorority, and a few other organizations, and find time each day to get a good workout in no matter what time of day it has to be, even if it means I don’t get enough sleep that night. I noticed that even when most of us are on a vacation we’re still constantly filling up our schedules with things to do or even keep working our day to day jobs. When is the last time you took a vacation and actually came back feeling more refreshed? I can’t think of the last time I felt refreshed after a vacation. I always feel even more exhausted coming back from a vacation. This past week in class we did a meditating exercise and all I could think about was all the things I had to get done or could be getting done during the exercise. The exercise only lasted around 10 minutes and just spending that time not doing anything seemed so hard to accomplish. During Marc Cohen’s TedTalk he mentioned that the only way to find true happiness is by practicing mindfulness. He talked about how if we spend more of our time being mindful and try meditating and focusing on our inner thoughts that we would find true happiness. I agree with that statement. We all live so on edge about missing out on life and opportunities that once we accomplish our goals we move on to the next and aren’t satisfied. If we listen to Marc Cohen’s theory that practicing mindfulness and really take time to meditate on our thoughts and live in the moment then we will be happier and be more satisfied with our everyday lives and accomplishments no matter how big or small. It will also help us help our planet by making us become more aware of our impact on the earth and the amount of wasteful things we do everyday. It will help everyone become more considerate and better humans.  

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