Being Mindful in a Mindless World

Mindfulness stems from how you perceive, relate and elaborate. I have always thought of mindfulness of being in the moment or being aware of what is going on around you and in a way that is really what it is. Being mindful of what you are doing, what you are saying, who you are with, and most importantly, to me, making sure that you are receiving signs or signals from the environment around you. We tend to forget to take in our environment, we are usually thinking about what comes next or how we are going to do something different. From the TED talk, I took in the reminder of being mindful in everything you do, literally everything, whether that’s walking to class in the morning, cooking dinner in the evening, or just talking with your friends for five minutes in the day. 

I think that through mindfulness and even through sustainability we can get to the point that we really feel highly motivated, to discover how extraordinary life was meant to be. We get caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to just take it all in. We make things much more complicated than they really mean to be, we don’t keep things simple in anyway. 

I have tried meditation before and at first you get uncomfortable and uneasy, but the more you try it or the longer you meditate the more it helps. It helps in clearing your head, or just taking time to reflect on your day. You can use meditation in many different ways, whether you want to clear your head or focus on your breathing, or, you can use it to think. 

Through the Wild Things Activity, you start to think that it could be really simple to solve some of these wicked problems that our world is dealing with, but with the solutions you come up with you start to realize that the problem isn’t easily solved. There are so many inputs, complications, and stubbornness that play massive roles into not fixing these wicked problems. 

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