Being Mindful In A Wasteful World

You have a mind but are you being mindful in your day to day life? Mindfulness is key to living a successful and happy life. Mindfulness in my opinion is basically bringing yourself aware of what is happening in your environment and what’s around you.

A huge part of learning in this class is watching ted talks which is one of my favorite parts, I think every professor should incorporate, each ted talk out there has multiple layers and lessons that can be taken from that.

In class we watched a ted talk from Marc Cohen, which has a very good point about wellness and minfullness. More importantly this ted talk linked how your well being really is effected my your health mental and physical and how mindful you are. I think this is something a lot of people my age don’t think about is who you surround yourself with, what activities you do in your spare time etc and how that effects how well you are and how healthy you are.

During class we went through a meditation, which was really cool, I actually meditate and think it really is a huge positive activity to do no matter if you think you’re in good or bad health and if you think its silly. I have a lot of friends who think it’s crazy and doesn’t work or they won’t take it seriously but my health has positively been directly effected by meditation.

What I’m most excited to share is what problem I’ve found super interested and decided to pursue for my problem; Being more inclusive for all shapes and sizes, which in my opinion is for sure a HUGE issue we face. I’m learning a lot but I would say the most interesting about it is how complicated an issue it is, there are so many different ways to approach it, and I don’t think the solution is one particular thing, but rather change in more than one different ways.

Overall, the problems we face overall in our industry are important to deal with and especially when it comes to sustainability we have a far way to go. I am totally positive and sure with the upcoming generation we can make a change in our industry in regards to designing and coming up with more ways to keep a sustainable fashion industry in business and thriving.,

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