Beyond My Mind

In the learning community last week we all discussed poverty and its effects on sustainability. We discussed that people living in poverty stricken areas are often unable to progress and adapt to the world around them. I added to the discussion by announcing certain issues that these people may be facing. I have seen how these people in these poverty stricken areas have been dumped on, literally. Trash and toxic waste gets dumped in these areas effecting simple life things such as air quality and water quality. Without the ability to progress, these people are stuck with poor living conditions. Another problem that I spoke out on was how their inability to advance makes them not be able to meet their basic needs to live. 

My major take away from this weeks learning topic was how catastrophes are effecting these areas. With global warming arising more and more each day, it is creating more and more natural disasters. If you haven’t noticed already, these disasters always manage to affect areas of lower income. Once these areas are hit, they often times cant recover near fast enough. They already had no money to progress but after these events they have no money to get back to were they started. After that they’re stuck. They can’t progress from nothing. They lose their homes and livelihoods. It’s awful and it’s all because of inconsideration. It shows that places such as the US use more natural resources while having a lower population than places such as India who don’t consume near as much but are taking the bullet for it.

During mindfulness practice in class I was able to capture something out of it that I haven’t been able to capture before. Using the flower as a focus point made me able to focus on just that and block out all other thoughts that I had brought to class that day. Although I enjoyed that type of mindfulness practice, I still chose to continue with yoga as my mindfulness practice assignment. Adding just five more minutes to the practice makes it even better. I always feel fulfilled and ready for anything that comes my way. In yoga, there is a lot of focusing on the way you are ground down with the earth. Being able to focus on the way that you hands, feet, or body rests on the ground is so relaxing. I am a person who has rather bad anxiety and practicing yoga calms me down. It allows me to be chill and patient with people. I would say that it takes me beyond my own mind. Although I have a lot going on in my life right now, it allows me to step back from myself and focus on other people if they need me too. Often times friends might need you to support them in a tough time but you’re going through a tough time too and don’t feel like you’re able to help. I think that if I continue to practice mindfulness with yoga daily, I will be able to let my anxiety reside and I can care for other people more.

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