Buy less, choose well

Over the week we learned about and discussed over consumption and under consumption in fashion and how that contributes to the environment and sustainability. A major takeaway I took from this topic is how much I actually consume and end up wasting in my personal life as well as potentially in my future career as an interior designer. I’ve heard quite a lot about fast fashion and how much it contributes to waste and landfills, but I have never really learned about how much waste is created from buildings. I am looking forward to learning more about that with our upcoming group project. We also read and talked about how poverty contributes to waste. The poverty article was pretty lengthy and hard to articulate at first but once we discussed it in class it was much easier to understand. We also tried some new ways to meditate which I actually really enjoyed. We tried meditating with music, which I am one of those people who is constantly listening to music, so I really liked that. We also meditated with an object in our hand which I had never even thought about doing that, so it was definitely something new and interesting. 

Last week I contributed to class by talking about how designers are naïve if they think what they design will be in style forever, as it talks about in the article we read, and how I agree with the fact that we need to design with humility. If we continue to make products that are only to be used for a short amount of time or made to be trendy instead of helping the environment, we are going to continue on this downward spiral of using up the earth’s resources. I also contributed by discussing in our learning community what cradle to cradle is how it kind of ties into our lessons this week. I brought this up because I learned about it while taking a sustainability course studying abroad. I learned that cradle to cradle is basically the impact of a business’ products on the environment from the beginning of its life cycle to the end.This contributes to what we talked about in class in regards to how and why we should make products to better the environment.

As for our continued mindfulness meditation practice, we were told to do ten minutes instead of five. This time instead of just taking a few minutes and sitting on my bed I decided to try a few apps on my phone as well as listening to music. I liked doing both of these because I didn’t feel my mind wandering off as easily as before. I think my favorite so far would be listening to music while meditating. I also decided to try it after I woke up instead of in the evening. This really helped me to be more focused during the day and not sit and worry constantly about all of the little things that I need to be doing. 

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