Fashion waste

During last week we read about fashion and sustainability. I never looked at fashion through this perspective honestly. I always just think of fashion as an aesthetic that is always changing, but not as a problem with consumers. There are people who consume fashion trends as soon as they change and follow up on what is going on, but there are also people who are known as the under consumers. Those are the people who are [usually] living in poverty that wish to have some of the items that the over consumers don’t think twice about throwing out. During Tuesdays class we looked over a couple products that were made from recycled goods. Most of the ideas on there were fun to look over because that’s what we are going to start adapting to eventually. I would consider the people around me, including myself, as an over consumer. Sadly, we are always more focused on our image and the way we are perceived by the people around us. In this way I believe that we are creating poverty and affecting our environment. This isn’t just in fashion. As an interior designer I believe that there are a lot of trends that occur in furniture. People often remodel their places after a short term trying to follow up and keeping an image within their home or business. Leaving the old furniture to go to waste. As people try to enhance our fashion, we should think long term wise when we think about what we are creating. On the topic of meditating, I haven’t been able to keep up with myself lately since classes are really kicking in lately, but I have tried to meditate. It is a very exciting task that I have been learning slowly. I’m not sure there is a right way to meditate, but I have been getting better at concentrating. There is music that I have been listening on YouTube that helps you unlock your “chakras.” This is very cool to me and I have also tried it to sleep which I completely recommend. I have been able to meditate during the day and NOT zone off into trying to sleep. I could say that I am progressing, but I have been overloaded with work that I feel overwhelmed trying to fit 5 minutes into the day to focus on myself. 

Going into this class I was not sure what wicked problems even meant. As we continue to discuss issues that are globally occurring I have a better understanding over what we are living through. I always knew how bad we have been affecting our planet, but didn’t think how much in depth it got. With all the waste we are producing I hope we are able to keep up with ourselves. If we cannot keep up with our own selves, what makes us think that we are going to keep up with our own planet. It’s time that we make a mass change than the little that is being done.

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