Finding the Peace

The question “is your mind full or are you mindful?” is something that has really stuck with me through this journey in this class thus far. I have always been aware of being mindful with others and their feelings and somewhat of myself, but I haven’t been as mindful about the world and what is going on with it. For the past year though I have been more and more exposed to the knowledge of what is happening around the world. I used to think the only problems in our world were deforestation and climate change and even then I didn’t realize how terrible it actually is today. I feel as though everyone in the world needs to be aware of being mindful for our sake and our earths sake. To be mindful with the world is to think about and act on solutions to prevent the wicked problems of the world from worsening or even helping them end as a whole. 

                  Before watching the TED talk from Marc Cohen I had never thought about wellness being multidimensional, meaning it is physical, sexual, mindful, and emotional. What I liked about what he said was that you must have harmony between external and internal worlds and be fully present in every moment, and not worry about what is to come. It was interesting to learn that he had the choice between paranoia (which is based on fear and separation) and pronoia (which is based on love and connection and that whatever happens, happens). I know for myself I have realized that I cause myself more anxiety and stress because I take that quality as my persona rather than just going with the flow and living life for what it is, not what it is going to be. Lately I have been trying to have a more peaceful outlook on life and what is happening around me rather than worrying about everything and honestly it has made my life a whole lot better so far, I can honestly I am happier than I was. 

                  I think this outlook on life also came from the Mindfulness and Sustainability excerpt. My friends and I back home have always tried to meditate every now and then when we are together, but we don’t always do it when we’re not together. When I do meditate, I find peace in myself allowing my wellness to be well within myself and around me. With me being at peace with myself, it allows me to pursue different things in life that I wouldn’t be able to without being one with myself. 

                  The biggest issue related to my field that I would like to pursue in mu report is sustainability with clothing within countries. I have thought about this issue before this class because I see so many things in the world with people just wasting unwanted clothes, turning into more landfills and polluting the earth, proving even more so that the fashion industry is the second leading polluting industry on earth. There are so many third world countries that need clothing that countries like the United States (and others) just waste, my solution to that is non-profit organizations could collect all the unwanted clothing and send it to second and third world countries that need the clothing. 

                  I think with the way of me thinking of that wicked problem and the solution to it, it is just another step of me becoming more mindful which I also experienced when meditating in class. As I stated before, I have mediated previously before this class, but evidently I have been having a stressful first couple of weeks and just taking time to mediate in class made me feel so much better about everything going on right now in my life.

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