How Poverty Impacts

This week in class I learned a lot about poverty and the effects of it. I was assigned to read the yes article and some things I agreed on. I learned that, their environment is slowly ending. Because, there is so much poverty in certain countries it is harder for the people to protect their environment. These people rely on and survive off of their environment. Not only is that alarming but, also the many disastrous storms, caused by global warming. These storms have completely ruined so many people’s homes, cities, and their environment. I believe that when these storms do hit they most often hit the people in poverty. I say this because, they cannot afford technology, nor to conserve their resources because they have to survive. This causes extreme global warming. After the storm hits it takes a long time for the people in poverty to recover. Another factor that plays a big part in this is the lack of the government. As we discussed in class we felt that the government could be hard to trust. Yet, in this type of situation the only way to enforce anything as far as preventing global warming, and conserving resources would be the government. It is not the peoples fault for being in poverty, and the effects of it are not their fault either. I feel that if the government stepped up and took control they would not have such of an effect on them.

Another thing that I have discovered this week was meditating for ten minutes every day. Doing this does help with my stress and anxiety. This assignment has created a daily habit for me and at that a very good habit. My stress and anxiety normally feels like it takes over me. I often feel indecisive, overwhelmed, worrying about everything, and many more emotions. Yet, when I practice this it makes me feel like everything will be okay and I love that about this meditation. I have continued to adding prayer in my meditation and I think it has not only made me feel better but strengthens by relationship with God. I do feel like I meditate better at my house than I do in class. I’m not sure the reason for this probably because, I feel more comfortable at my house then at school. I also feel that exceeding the time from five minutes, to ten minutes has made my meditation more meaningful, and make me feel a deeper focus.

From what I took away from the lesson of this week Is to not judge a book by its cover. Even though the damages of being in poverty are horrific. If they had a government that cared and not take advantage of the poor their environmental effects would not be as harsh. So it is really not their fault their environment is unraveling. Another thing I took away from meditation was that I should make it a priority because overall it makes me a feel and be a better person. 000000000

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