Medicine for the Mind

Discovering New Things

After being halfway done with this class, I have really started to understand what a wicked problem is and how there is a true connection. I have always been interested in the environment and how to keep it safe, and this class has really opened my eyes to it more. I have realized that when it comes to coming up with solutions for wicked problems you also have to look at several other factors outside of the problem. I have come to realize that you have to take into account the amount of empathy you have and your ability to teach it. Being able to relate to people or connect to someone on another level to show someone you care is crucial.

Creating a sustainability journey for myself this semester has broadened my horizon I did not think was possible. After watching the TED talk by Marc Cohen, a lot of things came to mind about how I should live my life. He discussed how you should create wellness as a discipline and how it is harmony between the internal and external. It is very hard for you to be well with the environment and the people around you when you are not well. He taught me that the difference between complementary medicine and western medicine is that complementary medicine teaches you that you can always be better and you can move up wherever you go. The higher you are, the healthier you are. When western medicine just wants you to get better so you stop complaining. I have discovered that you have to find peace within yourself and let your actions come from your deep inner being. 

After these past few weeks I have discovered a lot about myself and the world around me. My goal is to lead a balanced life in every way possible. I strive to continue to be the best I can be to be sustainable and want to learn ways to decrease wicked problems. I want to encourage and educate people to live the same lifestyle, and I feel like this class will challenge and push me to do so. 

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