Mind Over Matter

In the last week, I feel like I’ve continued to learn so much about not only the world but myself. I really enjoyed the mindfulness reading we did because it really made me think; I started thinking about if I am mindful enough in my life, and if there were ways I could improve. Obviously, I found some. Everyone grows every day and I know I have a long way still to go. Genuinely I think having a mindset that focuses on being mindful of my surrounding will help, not only me, but the world around me.

One activity I loved and have already tried to incorporate into my daily life has been meditation. This weekend when I was stressed, overwhelmed, or just missing my parents on Dad’s Day, I would close my eyes and sit and clear my head. I would think about all of the wonderful things in my life and focus on thinking of ways to improve what needed help. It honestly turned into a mini brainstorming session. One thing that came to mind was all the wicked problems our world faces.

One big thing this class has really done for me was open up my eyes to the world around me. I’ve been thinking more and more everyday about the environment and how my small actions affect the Earth and all of the problems around us. So, in my little brainstorming meditation, I started to think about pollution, the topic I choose for my investigative report. I want to start making more of an effort, and I feel like the best place to start is with everyday environmental pollution. One idea I came up with has to do with Planet Orange in Human Sciences. I’ve been toying with the idea of approaching them about having a reward system for reusing cups. Like if you bring a reusable cup to fill at the drink station, you get the fountain drinks for a reduced price. I haven’t fully worked out the kinks, like how to stop someone from just bringing a cup and refilling without paying, but it’s a good place to start trying to make an impact.

This class has really got me thinking about myself and my impact more than anything. I’m really grateful honestly because I’m not sure I ever would have paid attention if someone hadn’t opened my eyes to the severity of the Earth’s problems.

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