Mindfulness Matters

When was the last time you felt truly at peace? Being mindful doesn’t come easy in todays society. We’re constantly being pulled in different directions; School, work, friends, social media, etc. But what if we took the time to take a step back to grasp what’s happening around us, and become fully aware? I believe life would be more enjoyable if we took it moment by moment.

So how do we practice mindfulness? One of the best things you can do is meditating. Meditating is basically paying attention to one’s whole experience in the moment. This is something I lack in my life. I’m always looking ahead and stressing about the future, but I practiced living moment to moment, I wouldn’t be as stressed. Being mindful will also help motivate you. Meditation is something I want to incorporate in my everyday life. Doing the meditation in class made me feel so relaxed and aware.

Marc Cohen said so many things that stood out to me in his Ted Talk. I loved when he talked about paranoia Vs. pronoia. We often think the world is against us, which is paranoia. Going about life with paranoia will inevitably lead to unhappiness. Being pronoia however, will help us have a more positive outlook on life. He also said that with every negative thought, there is an equally powerful positive thought. Our choice on whether to be positive or negative can have a major impact on every little thing in our lives.

Activity two made me explore the wicked problems in the fashion industry. The issue I chose was sweatshops and child labor. I couldn’t believe some of the things I read when I was researching articles. It’s also crazy to me how common they are and how many of the clothing companies I love are involved in the issue.

I liked the wild things activity because not only were we identifying problems or “gripes,” we also got to express our dreams. It’s so important to dream. Dreaming is what leads to solutions. If we didn’t dream, we wouldn’t care. And if we didn’t care, problems would just get worse.

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