Mother Earth Wants Justice!

What I got from the environmental degradation?

I learned that poverty is caused by many factors, and I understand that poverty can contribute to environmental degradation.

First of all, I learned about our companies using other third world countries to dump our waste.  I also found a few sustainability ideas to try and resolve this pover-ish problem. Technological solutions, referring to waste, fossil fuels and coal. If it weren’t for this class I would not have known about the 1990 Clean Air Act, or how acid rain is a serious environmental issue. I personally can’t or wouldn’t have understood why poverty leads to environmental degradation? I felt like it all contributed to environmental degradation? I don’t know. I am still controversial about both topics! Maybe because I never knew or learned or thought about these topics?

 Then, I learned about global warming and how factories and greenhouses contribute to this paradigm. I learned from the class and other team about landfills, pollution in general, and factory waste of fabrics. I took my information and discussed cotton and water pollutions. How the dyes contaminate the water streams nearby, and the detergents

In addition, this topic was very debatable, the concepts and views were complicated but I read that in terms of women, they get affected by pollution the most and resources are very competitive with the poor! Assets are limited too! I was raised in a middle class but my family still seemed poor. My family had mostly women, and I can see where assets were limited.

Before, I have never really thought about these issues? Like I read before it just comes natural! These wicked problems have really got to me, and got me wanting to change my experiences with different solutions. I want to try going ecofriendly, and be a better person to our society. Environmental issues have been a concern for me, and I have protested three months straight about our water issues. I soon found other things to do with my time. I feel bad for not staying on top of environmental issues! I did learn from the article that Poverty does not necessarily cause environmental degradation!

In conclusions, sometimes I have a hard time writing over topics that are new to me? I think the author we read about this week with the “No” article, wanted us to see the many different types of solutions to poverty that help stop environmental degradation! Or? To implement better policies? If mother earth had a voice? I think she would be telling us to stop polluting, ruining, destroying all her natural resources. And I think? She does display how she feels WITH natural disasters like: flooding, thunder storms, tornadoes, tropical storms, and earth quakes. She shrugs her shoulder and says: Hey! Wake up! Do your part! We all need clean water, fresh air, healthy soil, and a better life for our future generations to come!  

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