Poverty and Fashion in Real Life

In this blog I would like to talk about the exercise that I practice for ten minutes before the class start, and when I am alone at home. This exercise helped me in a lot of things in my mind and life. Also, breathing slowly make me feel relax, refreshing my mind and feel more convenience. I have asthma, so usually breathe better while I do this exercise. sometimes

when I do this exercise at home, I takeovers a few minutes to restore my breaths by taking the inhaler and started again to continue doing the exercise. When the weather

outside is humidity, or excessively hot I cannot breathe well. Also, when I walk for a longtime in a hot temperature, I sense tired and hardly to walk and see around me. I always take care to take the inhaler before doing the exercise to avoid stopping between it. When I did this exercise, I imagined what will happen in my near future. In addition, I have imagined that I have a holiday for a one week. Through this imagination, I have felt more energetic and happier, because my friends are essential in my life and I can’t live without them. Thus, I have planned to travel to see them. After that, I have called my best friend to tell her that I will travel to meet her as soon as she has finished her exams. Then, I felt so excited after that call, because I really miss her. So, I started to prepare myself and I have bought a gift for her birthday. I have bought a special gift for her, which is something she is likes and prefers. I have ordered a shopping bag from the most brand she consumes and love. I went to Philadelphia for 6 days and had a good time with her. I changed my routine in this day and feel ready to fulfill the semester and earn high grades. Also, while I did the exercises, I remembered one of my friends who suddenly changed to a different type of person without any reasons. I tried to imagine what will happen if I go and ask her what’s wrong with her and why she changed, but I think that everyone have some bad periods passing in their lives. So, I seek her excuse, maybe she got bad grades in her school, or she has some problems in her social life. Another thing that I was imagining while I was closing my eyes, I have thought that if I study hard, I will get a higher grades and I will make my family happy, satisfied and proud of me. So through my studies in Wicked Problems class, I have read an article that talked about fashion. Moreover, I knew from the article that fashion is a word that means changes and differences that happens every period of time. It is changed depend on the generation, so every generation have different fashion, style and stages of life. Follow the fashion every several years could help the designers and managers improve their business and push it to be better and better. Also, i read this week an article talks about poverty. Population growth is one reason of environment poverty so if there are a lot of people in a small area, they will consume everything in large amounts and that certainly will affect the environment and make it poor. People have to know how to use everything in a reasonable amount to help the environment and make it healthier. There are many solutions for this problem such as policy makers, so rules are most important thing for this problem. It can make people more helpful with their environment. These are some of my information that I would like to share them with you in my blog.

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