The Importance of Mindfulness in Sustainability

I have never really considered mindfulness, or how its connected to sustainability. After this week I have a much better understanding of what it means to be mindful. It is being aware of your body, of your thoughts and feelings, of your environment, etc. The Mindfulness and Sustainability reading talked a lot about how if you are being mindful you are much more likely to be aware, and care about your choices and their effects on the environment. It also talked about meditation and that being mindful contributes to a better over-all health and well-being, which also makes one more likely to make more sustainable choices. Marc Cohen’s Ted Talk really reinforced the findings of the article I think, he especially focused on the importance of wellness. Both the article and the Ted Talk also discussed meditation in mindfulness. I personally am not a person who practices meditation in my daily life. Although, it would probably be beneficial to me if I did.

            For activity two I am going to explore the ways to reduce waste and implement more sustainable choices in the Interior Design Industry. One of my articles mentioned that buildings waste makes up almost 40% of waste in the world, so I definitely believe that this is a very important issue that needs to be drastically reduced. The Wildest thing activity was good practice for activity 2 I think. It kind of got me started on deciding my subject and thinking about ways to help reduce the issue.

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