Trees Today, Gone Tomorrow

About 50% of the Earth’s forests have been cleared away already. I right now I want to explore the effects of deforestation. One of the things that I have learned is that Forests cover about 30% of the Earth. That’s a lot of space covering the Earth. Also the dominant cause of deforestation. In the last fifty years around 17% of the Amazon forest has been lost. Deforestation is a huge issue that has stuck out to me the most and has me intrigued the most.

I feel that mindfulness is a necessity for a happy and healthy life. It is so important to live in the moment and process your thoughts and emotions. I tend to get very stressed and overthink everything, so I have to realize that I’m taking everything too serious and I need to relax and live in the moment.  I’m also really hard on myself. So, I feel that practicing mindfulness will really help me with my day to day life. 

In the TED Talk for Marc Cohen he talks about how in the time of 2012 there were about 80,000 really toxic chemicals being used and there’s around 1,500 more new chemicals every year that end up being put into the market. It also talked about how someone dies from consumption ever 0.9 seconds. I learned a lot from Marc Cohen’s TED Talk that helped make me understand more of what sustainability and mindfulness is.

My meditation experience was very relaxing and calming. I felt at peace yet really focused. I really feel like I should meditate more often so that I am focused and can train myself to be more attentive and aware of my surroundings to live in the moment more.  The wild things activity was really interesting to me to see all the problems everyone else sees and wants to fix. It was also really cool to see everyone’s ideas to fix the wicked problems.

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