Create Your Own Calm

At the beginning of the school year I made it a goal to practice mindfulness in order to become more in tune with myself. I first heard of mindfulness in a personal growth book I read over the summer and was intrigued by the author’s belief that it led to less stress/ anxiety. She also said that the most successful people in the world practice mindfulness each day. I am always looking for new goals to set or things to incorporate in my daily routine in order to better myself so I started researching ways I could practice mindfulness in my routine. Furthermore, the meditation exercise we did in class was the first time I had attempted to meditate. It made me extremely tired but it did clear my head of all the anxious noise that usually goes on up there. I tend to be an extremely anxious person about 75% of the time and my brain rarely takes a break from thinking about what I have to accomplish next. Although the meditation experience in class was great and helped me clear my head I knew that it was not something I would do every day.

I really connected to the Ted Talk with Marc Cohen because a lot of the things he was saying were things that I strongly believe to be true as well. For example, he stressed the fact that it is extremely hard to be happy when you are not well mentally. I find this to be 100% true because when I let my anxiety get the best of me it makes me so uneasy. Additionally, he talks about the importance to live a balanced life and to connect with nature. Living a balanced healthy life and connecting with nature are probably the things I value most and practice each day. Being outside instantly brightens my mood, as does working out early in the morning and having a good morning routine.

Reading the ‘Mindfulness’ excerpt was very interesting to me because it validated the strong importance I place on being mindful about the world and myself. I strongly believe that in order to be the best version of myself, I need to take the time to dig a little deeper in learning things about me. In fact, one way that I practice this is to answer a daily question in a journal I bought called “One Question a Day”. In this journal there will be a random question every day that provokes me to look inwards and answer questions I would not normally think about. I have been doing this for about a month now and it has become part of my morning routine, I have found that I am more aware of myself because I am writing my answers in the privacy of a journal where I can be comfortable to share my true feelings. 

I also place importance on being aware of what is going on in our world. In this fashion, I started working on activity two by doing deep research over the top wicked problems in the fashion industry. The one that spoke most to me was the subject of “fast fashion” and the pros and cons that come with it. Overall, the fashion industry’s goal is to please the customer and that means making as much clothing as possible at the lowest cost. The big deal about this is that the fast fashion clothing is cheap and not made to last which means it eventually becomes waste. I would like to research the consumer shift from having few, expensive, and well made garments to as much as cheap clothing as possible that barely lasts more than two wears. 

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