Being Mindful with Sustainability

In the past week, we have learned a lot about mindfulness and where it can lead you. Upon learning about the subject I came to learn a lot about myself as well. It was a nice experience getting to hear more about mindfulness meditation and the benefits that it can lead to. To me, being mindful is taking in everything within you and everything around you. That being said, mindfulness meditation can help you evolve as a person by thinking deeply and help through tough times.

Following the mindfulness learning journey, we got to watch a TED talk and it was amazing getting to hear a different perspective and what it can mean to different people. A quote that stood out to me was, “It’s hard to be happy if I’m not well, and I’m not well if those around me are not well.” Things such as mental, physical, and financial all play part in whether you are well or not. With one of those being out of place, it can have a great impact. It was interesting to hear about how much being mindful can affect your life. I put this in perspective and realized how much I need to learn about myself and meditate in order to help with things around me. Once things play their role in my life, it makes it easier to help those around me, especially the earth I live on.  Because I’m learning about what I could do to help the planet, I did some research on other wicked problems the fashion industry is facing, due to the fact that I will indeed be working in this for the rest of my life. I came to realize the impact fast fashion has in our world. Fast fashion is clothing produced in large masses that may affect the world in different ways, some of those being water pollution and textile waste.  I am realizing not many people are aware of the impacts the stores they shop at have. Many people assume it’s all clothes so it’s all produced the same way when that’s not the case at all.

We did an activity in class where we found a problem we hated and what we may do in the case of solving it. It was interesting because simply within each group there were a number of solutions and it made me think about it broader. There are so many potential solutions to real-world problems that we ignore. Not even the fact that we ignore it but there could be bigger consequences. It’s all a matter of everyone coming together to move forward with a potential solution. The biggest being climate change.

It was a great week getting to explore not only things going outside in the world but within oneself. In the end, one’s well-being is what matters most when trying to lead everyone to contribute to the world. Being mindful affects how you may react to problems on the outside.

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