The Green Side

Over the past few weeks of class I feel that I have gained a whole new perspective on environmental issues. I had always considered myself an eco friendly person until the information I have learned proved me wrong. There are so many more problems affecting the planet than I previously thought. For example, population growth is a wicked problem regarding the planet that has never crossed my mind. Population growth is a wicked problem because human population is growing at a rate the world has never seen before and therefore has no solution to hindering that. The reason population growth relates to the environment is because since there are so many more people on the earth and we are using up resources at a rate that is faster than we can even acquire that resource. So far I understand that wicked problems are issues that have no defined solution because solutions are subjective. I also found it interesting that there is no exact solution because of the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is when one solution is implemented and then new problems tend to arise.

                  This past week we visited the local sustainability office and it was a lot different than I expected. I found the presentation at the beginning of the trip to be extremely informative and helpful. Since this is the local sustainability office it made me feel comforted when I learned about how people around me are putting in effort to preserve our environment. I really enjoyed the part of the presentation where we were able to learn about how easily our actions can influence the planet directly. I learned that I need change my small habits in order to do my part in sustainability. After the presentation I decided that I am going to replace my everyday Styrofoam coffee cup with a reusable coffee cup in order to cut down on waste. I was so shocked by how much trash I actually cut down in a week that I decided to replace my plastic water bottle habit with a reusable water bottle as well. My thoughts on “if the efforts you saw did not exist” were scared. It was completely shocking to learn about all that would happen to the world if the efforts we have put in to eliminate waste never existed. If our efforts never existed the world would not be able to sustain human life anymore.

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