They Just Keep Coming

Week after week we talk about all kinds of wicked problems, it can get a little overwhelming. To say I’m getting scared of what might happen to our world is an understatement. What happens if we outrun our planets resources? Is it just like the movies? I don’t think I want to find out.

A second wicked problem that has really caught my eye is biodiversity loss. So many of the species in the oceans, rainforests, and other ecosystems are drastically losing numbers and that’s affecting the overall makeup of the ecosystems. Imagine if we started losing large numbers of people in New York City, that would affect so many parts of the US; The same scale applies for those species going through biodiversity loss. And, it’s our fault…

This relates to my wicked problem of pollution because the pollution that humans make in the oceans, air, and environments is a big reason biodiversity loss is so drastic right now. Our straws and plastic bags end up in the ocean and kill the fish or turtles, which then affects the rest of the eco-chain. Our trash ends up in landfills and instead of being biodegradable and decomposing, it makes the surrounding plants and trees sick. Our actions have real consequences on our environments and it’s really been making me think lately.

Some things we can do are continue in the direction of things metal reusable straws and recycling. We learned about stuff like this at the sustainability office visit. Explain it was really great to see that there is, not only programs in place at my university, but ways for my friends and I to get involved and make a positive impact on our environment.

If these efforts of sustainability did not exist, I would be really scared for our planet. Thinking about how in such bad shape our planet is already with all of the sustainability efforts, it’s terrifying to think where our environment would be without them. We might really have a real life Wall-e situation on our hands.

And with that, I ask the class: If you were to be paid a million dollars if you could solve two of the worlds wicked problems with one intertwined solution, what would it be?

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