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Wicked Problems is a class that has opened my eyes to the problems going on around our world. I have been doing more research on problems because there are so many going on that no one knows about. I have never thought about there being problems which there is no solution to and there never will be. One wicked problem that caught my eye other than furniture waste is ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is a wicked problem because the amount of pollution going into the ocean is polluting it quicker than we can clean it. It is affecting our environment because at this rate the ocean will be trashed in years and the future generations will never get to see it. Also, the amount of produce we get from the ocean will be ruined which is a lot of our food income. We need to find solutions to get everyone together to help clean the ocean before it is too late.

            Going into the sustainability office visit I did not know what to expect on what I was going to learn. The presentation before was a great idea because we learned a lot of great information before seeing everything. Some things that stuck out to me were that we must protect the planet and not save it because a lot of people think we must save it but it is already ruined so now we must protect what we have left. Things that I learned around our campus that interested me were that our buses run on compressed natural gas so we do not pollute the environment. We saved over 50 million dollars since 2007 by just turning off energy like lights when we leave the classroom or unplugging appliances. It was eye opening seeing what is happening at the recycling center with all the trash that is going into our campus. If these efforts for our world did not exist I would be terrified because I think the world would have been ruined a long time ago. Yes, the people that are trying to protect the planet cannot save it but they are saving what we have left and preserving every piece we can. Take it into mind that if we do not stand together to save this planet who will?

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