Feeling Inspired

This week in class my eyes were opened up to many different things. Especially when we went to visit the sustainability office. I had no idea that the facility even existed. There were so many interesting parts to the sustainability office. I left feeling inspired to do my own part in helping out OSU and its mission to be more sustainable.

I thought it was really cool that they reuse the furniture. They said that they even have furniture that they reuse and upholster that is from the 20’s! I thought that it was really cool that they take the time to reuse furniture and make it like brand new because furniture waste is a major problem today. It would be easier to just buy new furniture but they take time to make the old into new. I really appreciated it that Oklahoma State is doing a huge part in reducing furniture waste.

I also really thought that the recycling center was amazing. You could see how much recycling goes through there. Boxes, paper, and cans are recycled there. They showed us all of the equipment that they use to recycle and it did not look how I expected it to look. The people who were working with the recycling were working very hard in hot weather and I really appreciate how hard they were working just to help and make Oklahoma State a more sustainable place. All of the efforts that Oklahoma State makes to reduce waste and better our environment is amazing. One thing that I think we can all work on better is reducing our plastic waste. We can all do our part is saving the world and working to eliminate a wicked problem of all of the plastics being used today. Everyone should start with cutting back on plastic straws and water bottles and they should turn to reusable things. The sustainability office really inspired me to be more sustainable in my everyday life.

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