Knowledgeable Decisions

During my time in this course I learned much more in the short four weeks than I ever really imagined. I had many great takeaways that I think will carry on throughout the rest of my learning experience. I learned a lot about the severity of state that our resources are in. This was a major takeaway that I now think about on the daily. I never realized just how urgent it is that we take control and really start focusing on making our environment better. We must start making better decisions on our energy use, resource use, and sustainability practices. Another massive takeaway I have from this course is the idea of mindfulness. This is something that I truly believe made a difference in my learning experience. The idea that doing something so simple during the day can change my whole outlook on my surroundings makes me question why I haven’t always been practicing meditation. I never realized just how disconnected I was during the day until I started practicing the meditation. It helped me focus, remain calm, and connect with my surroundings and thoughts. All in all, I think I got a lot out of this short class. Maybe even more than I takeaway from a full term sixteen-week class.

            As far as contributing to the learning community I think I provided as much as I was able to. I contributed my focus on these major issues as well as my understanding that action needs to be taken as soon as possible. I think a major way in which learners can contribute to the community is simply by having a great understanding of the topic. Really paying attention to the facts of the issues and using your understanding to stand up and make a difference is the greatest contribution a student can make. Paying attention and putting in the effort to make a difference will make a change no matter what the topic. Using the tools around you within the learning community to do something with the knowledge you have received is a great contribution that most student have the opportunity to make. Another way to contribute is by becoming the best student possible. Using the meditations kills learned in order to be a good efficient learner will eventually create an impact without the student even knowing they are doing so. I think this course helped me contribute to the learning community greatly.

            There were many problems discussed throughout this class that I would love to get more insight on. I would love to know more about the effects of climate change and ways in which we can make little changes in order to contribute to a major difference. I think learning more about different issues and recalling the changes that can take place is the number one thing we should be focused on. I would also like to learn more about just how limited our resources are and what we need to do in order to change that. Our natural resources are becoming more and more limited as days pass by and it is important that we learn more about simple changes that can be made in order to make a variation and change the path in which the environment is headed. Overall, I would like to dive deeper into ideas on how I can make a difference in my everyday life that can eventually lead to an even greater distinction. I want to better understand different plans that need to go into effect in order to change the worlds view on sustainability. This class has really made me change the way I look a sustainability issues and has opened my eyes on the different aspects of my life that I could change in order to make my surroundings better. Finally, I would love to learn more about the benefits of meditation and how to properly connect with others and my surroundings. I think mindfulness is very important especially in this time, and for students dealing with stresses and worries. I would like to learn more about how practicing this type of meditation can physically, mentally, and emotionally can affect my day to day life and outlook on society.

            I truly believe that we as a society have the ability, tools, and knowledge to really make a change within our environment. It isn’t even the fact that we should make a difference, but we must make a change. It is so important that we learn and focus on the detrimental state our environment is in and really stand up and make a change. I know I have the ability to make a positive impact within my circle of influence. If I make certain changes it could eventually influence others to fall behind me and do so as well. It is our responsibility to try and influence others within our circle to make a real difference within our communities. Climate change, limited resources, waste within all industries, and pollution are all sustainability issues that we must find solutions to in order to keep our world up and running. We as citizens have become so consumed with the ideas our own problems that we have failed to examine the fact that our environment is crumbling right in front of our eyes. We must make a change and it is important and crucial that we do so immediately.

             I learned so much from this class that I cannot even right it all in words. From learning about the many different sustainable issues to learning new ways to find solutions, it is urgent that we make differences a way that we can. When I get into the industry, I know the different types of issues will be in the back of my mind when making different decisions. I hope that in the future I will be able to make the responsible choice of really focusing in on making the environment better in any way shape or form that I am able to.

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