Making a Difference in a Wicked World

Another Wicked Problem is Ocean Pollution. This problem is very similar to the one I plan to explore further, except it is waste being dumped in the ocean rather than on land. Both of these issues seem to have no end to them. We will always generate waste and it will always have to go somewhere. There are no definite solutions, just things that can be done to minimize the effects. Although not everyone will try to.

            The sustainability office visit taught me a lot about the conservations efforts on campus. They do way more than I ever knew about. I did know that they have several recycling bins set up all over campus, but I was surprised to hear about the car pooling and bike rental programs, and also that the university has a wind farm for energy. If these efforts were not in place then OSU would be leaving a much larger carbon footprint on the world. When they told us about all the cardboard they collect just from move in day they said they filled the whole building. If OSU didn’t have these efforts that would all have went to landfills. That alone seems like a pretty big difference made to me.

            What if all the businesses had more of the efforts OSU had? What if the whole town of Stillwater put these efforts into effect? How big of a difference could we make?

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