making a difference in sustainable living

I can’t believe we’re starting week five, this semester is already flying by! Each class that passes I find myself finding more and more I can make a change in bettering our future as a whole. While I’ve been recycling since I can remember, actually some of my favorite memories from my childhood include riding with my dad every Saturday morning to the recycling center to sort out our recyclables for the week. Sadly once I moved out I didn’t keep up the trend, until now. When we first started this class I realized what I was missing out on; playing my part in keeping our planet clean, even if it is as small as recycling and reducing my use of non biodegradable items. I’m happy to say over these past few weeks I have started recycling again, using less plastic, and bringing/ using reusable containers such as water bottles, reusable straws, reusable zip locks, and to go containers (re usable ones). While sometimes I think I am absolutely doing nothing I remind myself, if I can do these few things and encourage my peers to do the same we might be able to do our part in helping the planet. I think things such as watching the eleventh hour and the sustainability visit, are so incredibly necessary for students especially students just starting college, moving out and maybe forgetting the simple to- dos to help out. I took away so much from our sustainability visit myself, and I’m so glad I was able to visit and further my knowledge on being sustainable. Before I go into what all I learned I think it’s important to talk about how outstanding our university is in making our campus sustainable and cautious of our environmental impact I thought it was super cool to learn about the money we saved by teachers just making simple changes as turning the lights off and shutting of computers as they exit their classrooms and offices. Another huge take away I took from the visit was how recyclable the staff is as a whole when it comes to furniture and how its against the rules to throw furniture away, I know that in itself makes a huge difference! Moving on, I was just thinking after that visit on how many different wicked problems we might be able to tackle little by little if we re teach what we’ve learned and replacing it with new and better knowledge. Reducing waste; I really thing this is a huge and very impactful wicked problem. I’ve gone to many restaurants that include biodegradable containers, straws, etc. I think this is something I have been looking into and something that would really help reduce our waste to the planet. I am so grateful for this class and all it’s taught me this far on wicked problems and the many different ones we face. So I encourage you look at a wicked problem; is it reducing waste, is it buying more eco friendly clothing or products? Think about what you can change to achieve doing your end on helping our environment…

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