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In this last week of class we asked a sustainability question. One of those questions was how fast do we need it, What should I look like, who is responsible and how is it local or global elite affecting the economy.  There were two arguments presented, those arguments were about the LEED production. There were two sides of the argument, the side that the government should adopt the LEED production, that the market insensitive won’t work and that the LEED production alone won’t be sustainable enough to work in the economy. The next argument was that free-market merchandising ensure sustainability and regulations are effective enough. I was representing the no aspect of the LEED production. Representing this side of the production was feasible because in order to actually have an effective new production, There has to be a sense of change in everyone in the economy, not just the government. Ultimately the government can make the law, but there are always loopholes and things that can be hidden from the government. However, the S argument had very solid points as well. The government should adopt the LEED production because they are considered the role models of an economy or a wider aspect would be the nation. All it takes is for the government to enforce this new law and every factory or merchandising company would have to change. There are downsides to the LEED production, One of those downsides is the fact that not all merchandising productions are as wasteful as some. There are smaller productions that do not use as many resources to produce the merchandise as larger companies such as textiles with use.  The money that will be used to rebuild these factories and merchandising companies will be wasted because of them not using as much resources as another. that brings in another point that the government has the money to effectively mandate the LEED production. Without the government funding the production, it would be too long for the LEED production to become in effect. This also backs up my further statement that the government is role models for the economy. If people see the government doing better I believe that they would do better as well. 

During this class, there were many problems that I had no idea were big issues in the society. After learning about these wicked problems, I feel as if I have contributed another person in this generation that’s growing up and are able to make a change. This generation has the tools in order to change what has been corrupted in the past. If you think about it, we have a leg up  because we have seen what is and isn’t working for our world. We have physical evidence of the trial and error that has been done in order to solve issues.

Taking away these issues and bringing notice to what is causing them Is actually kind of a burden because it is up to this generation to make a change. At the rate that resources are being used, we don’t have another generational time span to fix things, it Has to happen now. I’ve taken away that there is a need to Start changing the ways that I am conserving my resources. Going to eco-friendly is the best possible option to do this. I’ve taken away that I need to start we using simple things that I use during the daily basis such as plastic bags from the grocery store or water bottles that I am no longer drinking out of. Just simple changes like this can make a drastic change in the future.

The career that I’m going into is Fashion Apparel design. And in this career there are many wicked problems that are still going on today. I can make a change now when making my designs by just simply changing the way that my clothes are being made.  The production of my clothes can change drastically just by the water intake, energy intake, and the waist output. I am curious to know what are some long-term goals that I can solve with my designs that won’t just affect the now but will affect the future. I want to be able to reverse the resource consumption for Fashion productions, so this is something that I will definitely have to start researching. The purpose of my company is to change personal lives. I can broaden my company if I were to change the lives of everyone just by producing my clothing. I would be able to reach out to different parts of the economy if just one shirt and one pair of pants were made different. My company could actually give back to the community instead of taking away so much because The fashion industry ranks in the top 3% of the most energy consumption as well as the most wasteful production.

The ability that I have to change the influence around me is to simply start doing better myself. When people start to see one person doing better it becomes a trend. After it becomes a trend everyone feels like they have to do it so it only takes one person to start being mindful of the resources that they are using in Soum the whole economy will follow suit. An example would be whenever I move in by myself. I can start Using eco-friendly products and recycling products that I have in my home and that could be a requirement for other people that visit too. This could potentially spark someone’s thought process and cost them to switch to eco-friendly products using eco-friendly products and recycling products that I have in my home and that could be a requirement for other people that visit. This could potentially spark someone’s thought process and cost them to switch to eco-friendly products in their own home. 

  There is a need to live better. We don’t have much time before the very place that we call home is gone due to taking advantage of it. Nature is a beautiful thing and it can provide for us and take care of its self without being manipulated. I would advise that everyone start looking at these wicked problems and start thinking about ways that things can be changed for the better

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