Recycling Center and Sustainability Office

First I was told that the world was quickly dying, but then I had the amazing opportunity to see real ways which we as a community could change that unfortunate and not so distant future. My class had the privilege to explore Oklahoma State University’s Recycling Center and Sustainability Office. This visit showed me personally how much my school is truly leaning into a more sustainable way of living, and of course teaching us how to do so as well. During our visit, my favorite part was the Recycling Center. The workers explained how each machine worked and how everything recycled is actually worth money per ton, or “brick”. These “bricks” are made of super squished materials of the same kind. This visit also made me think about what would happen if Oklahoma State University did not create this program. I decided that although we as a community are one of the smallest pieces of the population pie of the world, without this program that would just be less people who are already creating habits which need to be enabled throughout the world. This visit also showed me there are many more wicked problems than the one I had brought up last week. My main additional wicked problem from the visit is the amount of plastic bag and cardboard wastage. Seeing the amount of cardboard that was squeezed into these cubes from such a short period of time. How should we change this, though?

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