I feel as though I say this every time I write for these blogs but I can’t stress enough how important this class is. I have learned so much about sustainability and the wickedness in this world and the fashion/design industry. These past 4 weeks have shown me how the smallest change in a lifestyle can help transform an issue. As I have been doing research, I have discovered that there are more wicked problems than I had originally thought. Not having a solution or knowing you can no longer fix something is terrifying. If we have this many problems in 2019, I can’t imagine what problems we will have in 10-15 years if we don’t do something about it now. Wicked Problems is a class that is helping to prevent the decay of our world and to educate the leaders of our future. 

Deforestation is a Wicked Problem that absolutely terrifies me. Trees are one of the essential elements that we need to survive. They bring us more things than we know. If we don’t have trees we will not be able to live on this planet. I personally love trees. That sounds weird but when I go to New Mexico and Colorado the trees are breathtaking and one aspect of those states that I cant wait for. The “Quaking Aspen” in New Mexico is one of my favorite parts of going there. Hearing the noise of the leaves moving in the wind during the cool fall breeze gives me the chills just thinking about it. And when I go skiing and hiking in Colorado, the tall Aspen and the insane looking Pine trees are like no other. There is nothing like those visuals. I can’t imagine a world without trees. Growing up going on road trips and staring out the window trying to count as many trees as I could before they disappeared out of my view. This scares me because one day my kids or their kids could be doing the same thing but there wont be any trees to look for. There’s something so nostalgic and memorable about trees. And again, they give us life. Deforestation is a wicked problem, but I have seen more awareness around the issue but we still need and HAVE to do better. I know that I am very aware of how much paper I am using and how much paper I buy when I go to the store to buy supplies for classes. That is something so small but I always feel that I buy too much paper and then buy even more the next year even though I still have paper from the year before. I can also make sure that later down the road when I am a designer that I am aware of how much wood I use in my designs. I can even shop second hand for items that contain a lot of wood and repurpose the wood for different projects. Deforestation is a wicked problem that is very serious and everyone should be trying to resolve it.At the Sustainability Visit, I learned so many new things about OSU that I did not know before. OSU is very dedicated to being sustainable and making the earth a better place. The fact that we have an entire center dedicated just to our recycling is amazing. Most people hear the word recycling and don’t know what goes on after you put it in that green bin. I was amazed to see how the machines worked and how much effort goes into recycling for one university campus. I also learned about the upholstery shop. I had no idea that OSU had this great resource to restore the furniture that goes into the dorms around the campus. It also offers great work experience for the people who get to restore these furniture items. The sustainability office visit showed an entirely different side of OSU and I am so grateful that I got to experience it. After the visit I told all of my friends about it and they were blown away because, like me, they had no idea that there was such a thing at OSU. If the “efforts I saw did not exist”, OSU would not be a sustainable campus and we would not be doing anything to help our planet. I am so thankful that we have these resources. My question that I pose is, Is one University making a difference by being sustainable and being aware of recycling? I don’t know how OSU compares to other campuses, but is OSU making a huge difference?

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