Throughout the course I learned so many things. A few of the things that I learned was more about global warming. Mindfulness meditation, and in general how endangered out earth is. Global warming is something that I don’t think about on a daily basis. Now I do think about it more than what I did. From last week’s class, we finished watching the movie we started at the beginning of the semester. Listening to all of the scientist and researches who put so much work into this was very interesting. I learned that the burning of fossil fuels is what causes global warming. Having too many greenhouse gases into the air are causing extreme effects to our environment. Some of the effects that are happening to our earth is the global temperature rising. Which is also causing the artic to melt. If the artic ever did melt it would be catastrophic to the life, there. Because there is truly no other place for those animals to be able to live. That was a big topic that I felt had the most impact on our class. Global warming has also caused many other things. Things like the increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires etc. This all could also because by the global temperatures increasing. Although, global warming is obvious I do have some beliefs that go against global warming. Beliefs such as, I don’t think scientist, researches etc. cannot put a date on when the world will end. This is a very controversial topic. However, my opinion is that our God who created us will decide when the world will end. Just like in the year of 2010 a scientist had me scared to death because the “world was going to end”.

Another thing that we learned, and did a lot of was mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation just gives me an excuse to have some peace and quiet. I never even thought of doing this, and to be honest I thought it was a little crazy to even try it. Turns out I liked it. I have lots of stress and anxiety. This helps me some with that. It does not cure it but just to take a few minutes of peace and quiet just reassures me everything will work out, and be okay. I still do continue to do every day or at least every other day. I have also added my beliefs in with my mindfulness meditation. I have started to just take the time to talk to God about my anxiety and stress and just as him to take it away. Because, he’s the only one who could truly take that off of my mind and cure me. Another thing we learned about mindfulness meditation was that if everyone on the whole earth did it every day our earth would be much better. It is proven that if everyone mediates that they will make better sustainable choices for the environment. I could see how this could help but I don’t believe that the whole earth would be much better.

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