Well What Now?

Wicked Problems class has open my eyes to see the actions I’m taking can affect another and I have the choice to do something about it. During my free time, I call myself realizing that whatever I purchased I’m supporting the environmental pollution. See I never thought of purchasing something simple as plastic straw means you’re supporting the plastic in the ocean. There were many wicked problem that caught my attention, but one severe problem that caught most of my attention is ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is clearly a wicked problem because the amount of packaging that requires plastic is very high and a lot of them are end up in the ocean. When the sea creatures consume the plastics and the being who consume the sea creatures are us. We need to find solutions that get everyone to participate in recycling.

Speaking of recycling, a week later, the class and I went to the sustainability office. I didn’t know we had a sustainability office, all I know is that OSU are trying to be more sustainable. During presentation, I didn’t know a lot about our school such as OSU buses public use only natural gas, 10% of our campus is sustainable, and 70% of our campus runs on windmill. What surprised me the most is 70% of our campus runs on windmill because there are many students, but they found a solution for all of us to get students’ needs and help the environment. Another thing that stood out to me was towards the end of the visit, it was when we went to the back where they produce manure. The guide to this journey told us that plastics doesn’t become part of the earth, but it does break down into the soil. I really like this visit because it revealed that there are people who improve to the environment, or else it’ll become extreme wicked problem. I’m not saying that one act can save the earth, however, if we all take part in our responsibility for the cause of our plan then we can improve. Take action for our planet because no one else will.

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