We’ve Only Got One: Treat Her Right

Wickedness runs rampant in our world. Wickedness can take form in all kinds of people, places and things. Some of these are obviously prevalent when discussing sustainability practices. I have already previously discussed some wicked problems that I see to be important. One other issue I would like to bring up/discuss is that of overpopulation. This is one issue that seems to weigh heavily on me for many reasons. The first issue being, I am an extreme worrier. I think about the future too much and about things I cannot often control. That is why overpopulation frightens me. When researching this topic online I can see facts that claim our earth can hold up to 10 billion humans and be able to adequately support them. Well, right now, our population is roughly 7.5 billion. By 2050, we could have a population exceeding 9.5 billion. That is absolutely terrifying. The rate at which people are being born compared to those who are dying is probably about double. I am not saying people should die quicker, but I will just say I think the birth rate could definitely slow down and there are methods that could be used to put this in place. Practicing safer sex methods and not being irresponsible will help to slow down the birth rate as well as encouraging people to not have as many children. I am not a big fan of children in the first place, so I am just saying, I am cool with this. However, I understand that most people probably would not be. The second reason overpopulation seems to weigh on me is that we all know we love luxury. Having the nice material things in life and having STUFF! Man, there is nothing quite like it. We are greedy for material things and we are all guilty of it. But, our earth is taking the toll. As we grow, our resources decrease. The less resources, the less luxury to enjoy. Well, I like shopping and not worrying about food, and I am grateful for that. But it has to be recognized by me and everyone else, that it is time to start worrying. This issue of overpopulation can be related back to my topic of air pollution within design. As our population increases, our air quality decreases, and so does our health. Air conditioning units and not good enough ventilation systems are all cause to indoor air pollution. Including more plants indoors as well as making sure there are better vents in place, will overall include our air quality. BUT ONLY IF OUR POPULATION CAN STAY UNDER CONTROL!! See, this is where you can see that all wicked problems piggy-back off of each other. We recently visited the recycling center for OSU and it was a very interesting process to observe. I got to see how much work goes into recycling all of our goods and that it is done properly. It makes me wonder what would happen if OSU and Stillwater did not have these systems in place. Next time you are throwing something “away”, think about all the trash you produce and what of that trash can be recycled back into our environment. What small steps can you take to give back?

 As Greta Thunberg discussed in one of her speeches, these issues have been put off for far too long. The generations and generations before us have put it off and procrastinated the solutions and look who is suffering. They claim to want nothing but the best for their children, but are willing to let us shrivel up with our dying planet. Not trying to place the blame, but it is just something I believe plays a huge part in our sustainability journey. I think about these topics more than ever after being in this class, and honestly I am so glad. I am glad I now get to see the effect I play on pollution and saving our planet. More and more ideas can be spawned everyday about saving our dying world, and at this point no ideas are bad ones. We need all the help we can get and every single soul on this planet counts toward it.

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