What are YOU willing to do?

There are many problems related to my problem of the increasing popularity of fast fashion, but the main one I want to touch on is the overall amount of waste in the United States that could be sent to other countries that need it. So many big fast fashion companies waste so much fabric and clothing that could be sent to countries that need it. Fast fashion is becoming increasingly popular, so if it is going to be popular, we could at least do something with the waste that it produces. To my understanding, a wicked problem is something that does not have one solution, and I believe both of these problems are wicked.

The sustainability office was a very interesting and informative visit. I enjoyed getting to see what happens to our recyclable products once we throw them out. I thought it was cool to see the baler and all the other machinery that is involved. I also enjoyed getting to see the furniture shop because I had no idea that a whole shop existed for that. If the efforts I saw didn’t exist literally nothing would get done with the recycling. So much more work than I thought went in to everything going smoothly with the recyclables. It looks like very physically demanding and tedious work, so I really respect the people who do it. My question to the class is: would you be willing to do that job? I think a lot of us don’t realize the hard work that they put in so I think it would be interesting to see who would be willing to do what they do for the planet.

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